What's New In Sportsman Pilot?

The Winter (February) 2011 issue of Sportsman Pilot contains the following news items:

Plus in-depth articles on the following aircraft and their owners:


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Cam Blazer's 1936 Monocoupe 90AW Cam Blazer's 1936 Monocoupe 90AW. Cam fell in love with yellow Monocoupes years ago, but it would be decades before he would finally buy one and restore it. It did not have its original 90 hp Lambert engine, so Cam had a 165 Warner installed, which caused him to have it licensed in the Experimental-Exhibition Category to avoid a $47,200 charge for a one-time STC! Cam flew the 'Coupe to Oshkosh last summer from his home in Leawood, KS and won the Silver Age Champion award for NX15429.



Paul Muhle/Harry Barr Acro Cubby The Paul Muhle/Harry Barr Acro Cubby. Paul Muhle of Columbus, Nebraska, who has won no less than three homebuilt Grand Champion trophies at Oshkosh since 1994, recently built a much modified Acro Cubby for air show pilot Harry Barr of Raymond, Nebraska. Starting with a Wag-Aero Acro Sport Trainer kit, Paul made a multitude of modifications and finished the airplane in a bright orange, trimmed in white and blue, sunburst paint scheme. Previously a custom home builder, Paul recently opened a business that does work on homebuilt aircraft and antique airplane restorations.



Wendell Green's Wing Derringer Wendell Green's Wing Derringer. Just 12 Wing Derringers were built first in the 1960s and again in the 1980s - and only nine remain. Wendell Green of Argyle, TX is the only owner currently displaying a Derringer on the fly-in circuit. His Serial No. 3, N644W, was the personal aircraft of George Wing, whose Wing Aircraft manufactured the sleek little two-place twins. The preliminary design was by John Thorp, designer of the long popular T-18.




Chuck Brownlow's Hatz Classic Chuck Brownlow's Hatz Classic. Wild Rose, WI optometrist Chuck Brownlow recently completed a beautiful Hatz Classic biplane, and delved deeply into classical literature to name it. It's called "Rocinante," which was Don Quixote's horse. He says Rocinante got a bumbling Don Quixote out of a lot of trouble and he hopes his Hatz will do the same for him. NX741HC won a Homebuilt-Plans Bronze Lindy at Oshkosh last summer.




Jim Smith's RV-6 Jim Smith's RV-6. After a long career as an aerospace engineer, Jim Smith of Rose Hill, TX is enjoying his retirement years modifying and testing his RV-6, which he completed in 1998. Sheared wing tips, faired-in tail wheel and separate plenums over each bank of cylinders on his Lycoming O-320 are some of his mods. Recently, he had a 3-blade Elippse propeller built for the airplane, which has produced a better rate of climb, increased speed and is quieter than two conventional props he previously had on the airplane.